Tuesday, March 11, 2014


What could have kept me away from my blog for so long? Why, it's podcasting! I've joined the ranks of the podcasters - mostly to my experience listening to comedian's podcasts - by starting the "Art + Music + Technology" blog. Each week I interview someone in the art/music/tech world, with some pretty amazing conversations as a result. Since I'm not trying to sell anything, it's a nice way to talk to people that share the same interests as me - and to collect some oral history as well.

Check it out at http://artmusictech.libsyn.com/

I'm already 22-deep into the podcast, so you are sure to find something interesting in there!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

A little documentation

(a common image of the devastation in our canyon)

The Weather Channel did a pretty good job with their quickie documentary "Disaster in the Rockies", you can get an idea of things at their link here:


We were so lucky - we are high up in the canyon, so there was no "rush" flash flooding near us. Also, we are on the south side of Boulder County, so things aren't nearly as bad as the northern part. But the canyon road was completely wiped out, and it is going to be a few months before we have heat or hot water (because the gas lines were wiped out with the roads).

Thanks to everyone that reached out during the scary stuff, and I hope that people will give me a pass if my communications continues to be a little sketchy for a while.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SnazzyFZ + Bangbang Audio NYC makes for good video

Dan Snazelle, the creator of the Euro implementation of the ArdCore, did a demo for the guys at Bangbang audio. The results are in these videos:

... and ...

For the record, Andrew and I did the 101 Sequencer sketch, as well as a bunch of other sketches shown toward the end of the first video. I'm starting to think that the name "Darwin" must light up NSFW filters or something, 'cuz nobody ever mentions my involvement.

(In case I've not not waved my hand enough about this, I developed the ArdCore platform - as well as the first 30 sketches for the thing - as part of my Master's Degree from DU. Awesome module, if I do say so myself, and available as an MU module from 20objects.com. DIY boards available there too!)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sound City - the movie

Turned onto this one by my friend Andrew, this is a "real" LA story about the creation and existence of one of the historically significant studios: Sound City. It's a freebie if you are an Amazone Prime member, and it's worth the time to watch it.

One of the things that I like about it is that it shows that it's not the beauty of a place that makes for a great studio - it's the vibe. This has been reiterated by a lot of people a lot of time, but seeing it this clearly - and seeing it last this long - is a good reminder for those of us that think the cover of Mix magazine represents "professional" studios.

It reminded me of the discussion that Mixerman had in his book, where a significant part of his prep work for a session was to create a "creative" environment using rugs, tapestries, lava lamps and other tweaks to help people leave the real world behind and get into a mood to write, record and play the hell out of the work.

If you haven't seen the movie, watch it!!!