Monday, November 8, 2010

Dancers Mediated!

Well, the big show went off this weekend, and it went great. 10 computers and 9 projectors in the end, all run by a network of Max/MSP/Jitter patches. I ran the whole thing from a central system on a podium, shooting OSC messages all over the room to control the video playback selection.

The best part (for me) was seeing the dancers work with the "flaming" feedback system. In order to match the music and the other visuals (as well as not taking away from the Henry Moore sculptures), I built a rather interesting patch with built-in limiters and other control mechanisms. Since feedback is so unpredictable, it led to a more controllable system - but still not predictable.

The dance troupe (7 dancers from the 3rd Law Dance Company) did a fantastic job, and all of the people helping with the rig worked very, very hard to make this happen. It was nice to work "big" for a change (the room was 60' by 60', and varying from 14 to 20 feet high), and I did my best to make interesting use of the space. Everyone that saw it seemed to like it, so I guess my vision was vindicated!

I need to take a nap now! I will put production details on the artBlog starting tomorrow.

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