Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Song Remains The Same...

... but the case is a little different. I was finding the Livid case a little too small, and the Goike cabinet a bunch too big for travel. I finally ponied up and got the case I originally wanted - a Tiptop Station 252. Full of modules from my friends (Malekko/Wiard, SnazzyFX, 4ms), it has everything I need with very little excess baggage. I'm going to take it on a trip next week to make sure that it survives a little road time; assuming it does, I may come home with an album's worth of material!

But right now I've got to download that "You Need A Budget" app that Andrew told me about...


Monday, July 29, 2013

Try a little harder, please.

So I went to a performance this weekend that featured all sorts of performers and huge projections on several walls. This is a situation where the performers "excite" a video system, and the whole thing because a big mediated jumble. Alas, I came away a little sad, because while it held some interesting options, it was a little, um, lacking in attention to detail.

The days of projecting something on a wall and winning your Media Artist badge are over. Now, there are expectations that need to be met. And it's not just about the content - it's about the details of presentation. For example, if you are going to have multiple projectors, the brightness, contrast and black levels need to be matched across machines. If you are spanning across these projectors, you need to make sure the alignment is impeccable. In fact, impeccability is something that was missing from the whole show, and it left me wishing for more than I saw.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Robert Speaks

Ran across this interview on FB, but these things often go unread. This one shouldn't. I interviewed Robert one time for (presumably) a thesis thingie, but he was kind of hard to interview (especially for me, since I consider him a bit of a friend). But even Robert admits to liking this interview (enough so that he posted it on his own site), and I have to admit it is pretty spot-on. Hopefully you enjoy it too.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

ArdCore Love

There's a very nice thread about the ArdCore modular platform on MuffWiggler. The thread starts with a discussion about why the ArdCore isn't as beloved as the MakeNoise Maths (which doesn't even seem logical to me, but there you go...), but eventually evolves into a discussion about the value prospect of the ArdCore as a creative module.

I love the way that the ArdCore has taken off - mostly thanks to Dan Snazelle's introduction of the device in Eurorack format, and FAC's creation of the drum-based sketch. It started off as a passion-project to be utilized as my Master's Thesis project; it has ended up being seen in a variety of modular systems across the world.

Reading the thread has reinvigorated my desire to pumps out a new sketch or two. I've got this thing in my head to do some physics emulations; let's see how this goes!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Performance Season - almost over!

Incredible summer of performances, but (thankfully, perhaps) it is almost over. One of the highlights was playing at the Currents New Media Festival, where I performed in two pieces: one as visualist for Andrew Pask and Janet Feder, and one as musician/visualist with Andrew Pask. Both were incredible, and the duet with Pask allowed me to introduce my modular foolishness to a new crowd. The response was fantastic, and I appreciate the guiding hands of Mariannah Amster and Frank Ragano for making the Currents festival a magnificent place, and to Paul and Kitty for sharing their home with us douring our visit to Santa Fe. An incredible time, and I met so many incredible people. Thank you all!

(The picture was take by Janet as I was trying to get the lighting right for my area of the stage - and attempting not to fall off said stage...)