Thursday, July 25, 2013

ArdCore Love

There's a very nice thread about the ArdCore modular platform on MuffWiggler. The thread starts with a discussion about why the ArdCore isn't as beloved as the MakeNoise Maths (which doesn't even seem logical to me, but there you go...), but eventually evolves into a discussion about the value prospect of the ArdCore as a creative module.

I love the way that the ArdCore has taken off - mostly thanks to Dan Snazelle's introduction of the device in Eurorack format, and FAC's creation of the drum-based sketch. It started off as a passion-project to be utilized as my Master's Thesis project; it has ended up being seen in a variety of modular systems across the world.

Reading the thread has reinvigorated my desire to pumps out a new sketch or two. I've got this thing in my head to do some physics emulations; let's see how this goes!


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