Monday, July 29, 2013

Try a little harder, please.

So I went to a performance this weekend that featured all sorts of performers and huge projections on several walls. This is a situation where the performers "excite" a video system, and the whole thing because a big mediated jumble. Alas, I came away a little sad, because while it held some interesting options, it was a little, um, lacking in attention to detail.

The days of projecting something on a wall and winning your Media Artist badge are over. Now, there are expectations that need to be met. And it's not just about the content - it's about the details of presentation. For example, if you are going to have multiple projectors, the brightness, contrast and black levels need to be matched across machines. If you are spanning across these projectors, you need to make sure the alignment is impeccable. In fact, impeccability is something that was missing from the whole show, and it left me wishing for more than I saw.


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