Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a heads up for my friends, family and fans. A long interview with me on work, Max and the non-existent rest-of-my-life. You can find it at this link. Enjoy!


The Daily Grind from Ariel Scott on Vimeo.

Ari Scott, one of the participants in The Daily Grind, created this video for his showreel. I thought I'd put it up here to show some of what I'd done while in school. This was a "critical game", which had no real winning scenario, and represented the pointlessness of the working life. It is replete with funny notions about bosses, rising up the corporate ladder, and the futility of waiting for retirement for one's rewards.

In order to do this, I actually built a game engine in Processing, while Kim Zahler produced the visuals and Ari did the "Grinder" (a physical devices that was required to keep the game going) as a hardware device. Adam Seibel provided some of the text, and was supposed to do the marketing plan, but this never really happened. All-in-all, it was pretty successful given that we pulled the whole thing together in a couple of weeks.