Thursday, May 14, 2009

Overthinking (not Overthinking)

After ignoring the OpenGL parts of Jitter (an extension to Max/MSP) for far too long, I've been putting in some considerable time into it. I'm also doing a lot of reading about critical theory (I'm going to be going to graduate school this fall, and want to bone up), with the result that I'm starting to think about my work from the psychological, Marxist, femininist or whatever critical angle.

So I've done a dozen or so OpenGL patches, and I found that my favorite of the bunch doesn't really have a Marxist viewpoint. Or a femininist, or even postmodernist viewpoint (as far as I can tell). See, I wanted to move stuff around a 3-D grid, and I remembered the crazy looking chess game that Spock was always playing in the original TV show. My end result doesn't look anything like that game - it is really more of a Teutonic structure with marching balls. But I recognize it as stemming from the purest Vulcanic school, beamed to me from the deep recesses of my inner Trekkie.

In otherwords, it seemed most interesting because the only real inner meaning it has is a little joke to myself. Maybe that lack of deep thought is what helped something interesting really come outta me.

And maybe someone's gonna come along and kick my tailfin for being such ignorant peasant.

Darwin Grosse

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