Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Large Hi-cap Modules

Hurrah for Cynthia! Someone has taken on the job of making hi-density modules in 5U country. Why is this needed when you can stuff so much goo in a Euro rack?

Here's what it is for me: I perform a lot. With my modular. I want a lot of capacity, but I also want to be able to identify and control the stuff in a dark room, with no stage lighting, and will some level of reproducibility. Hence, 5U is the thing for me.

But having one whole module space for a single VCA is tough sledding for a mobile modular guy. So I bow to the glory of Cynindustries' new module line - certain to be a major part of my gigging rig in the near future.


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  1. Coming from the Buchla world, I've never understood the culture of large, single-function modules in the 5U world. It's good to see companies like Cynthia, Moon Modular, and Modcan (not quite 5U, but still) producing higher density modules.