Monday, July 18, 2011

A view from a gig

I just got back from Wisconsin which was filled with many un-fun things. But one of the Very Good Things was getting to do a live radio broadcast with Gregory and Tom. This is the audio section of the group that played at the Spark Festival, and I was hoping that we could do something nice again.

Doing these sorts of gigs is really difficult: you really need to know your instrument, and you have to be confident in being able to provide something useful to the group. I played Enhanced Modular (modular sound generation, laptop as idiosyncratic effects processor), Gregory played his laptop super-patch, and Tom pulled the whole thing together with a little percussionistic temporal glue.

It went off beautifully; we put out about a hour of live work, with several sections that naturally developed without speaking (there was a live mic for the percussion, so we couldn't really talk). I took a more active role in this one, doing a lot of low-end work with the modular. Gregory did more on the high end, and we all slotted together very well.

I can't wait to work with these guys again.


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