Monday, October 3, 2011

Great installation, great people

I spent a little time talking to Laleh Mehran this evening, and she pointed me to the site for their W3FI installation. In strolling through it, I saw that they gave me a "thanks" credit for helping out. I did a little coding for one part of their large-format work, and was amazed that they were thoughtful enough to provide a credit.

This happens so rarely in most art works. People often think of the technology side of art as little more than a utility function (and with as much interest as the people that install light switches). It helps that Laleh's partner, Christoper Coleman, it pretty into art tech as well, and treats the technology with a lot of respect.

So here is my "thanks back" to them - for letting me touch this project a little, and for acknowledging my assistance when so few would...


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