Monday, July 9, 2012

Visuals Gig Prep for July 13, 2012

Working today and tomorrow, then I'm off for gig-prep for July 13's performance at the MediaLive festival. I'm doing visuals for Janet Feder and Andrew Pask, and just finished up the performance patch last night. The above is a capture from a basic run-through test.

I was struggling with some transitions, and realized I just had things in the wrong order. As soon as I corrected that, it all seemed to come into focus. Now I have to work on the equipment setup, do some run-throughs, and I should be read for the show.

My visuals for this one will mostly be generative, with only a few of the live-camera-to-gloopy-projection bits that I'm typically known for. Nevertheless, it still pretty much has my signature to it...


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