Monday, February 18, 2013

Haters Gotta Hate

This little gem showed up in my Facebook stack, and I've just got to blurt a few things out. The organizer of this thing has (in my opinion) jumped the rails a bit, and this is the result.  A few notes:
  • If you are going to go Ableton-negative, don't continue to cop the Ableton name and logo. Lacks class.
  • Starting the message with Bitwig is just meant to incite. Don't worry, Marc, they are watching. But this'll just make 'em write you off.
  • Opinion on the Push is not rapidly declining, because the Push isn't yet in consumer's hands. After it is, the opinion will vary, they will be in widespread use, and all planets will continue to orbit as expected.
  • Live 9 is unready? I haven't heard that one yet, although I know some people would prefer it to have different feature sets. But I'm not sure where this one came from. I've been (secretly) gigging with it for a while, and couldn't be more confident in it.
  • The Livid Base is a cool thing, and is completely different from anything Ableton is likely to do in the next many years. The goals are different, as are the devices.
Yeah, I hear the peanut gallery already: I'm a Ableton shill!  I can't bust out of my own bubble! I'm not open enough! Yada yada.

Breaking News: I'm a hater too. In this case, I'm just hating on the fragging of cheap shots on the way out of town.



  1. Wear the Santa suit to the meeting so they don't recognise you.

  2. I bet Marc is just in cahoots with Livid. Every Ableton meetup I attended ended with a sales pitch for Livid controllers I don't want. Besides the Base looks like a dj controller vs the Push that looks like a composition tool.

  3. Anyone who has met you could never imagine you a shill for anyone or anything.

    I interviewed with Ableton last year (didn't get the job, did terribly on the technical interview, would love to have had a do over), and while the people there are understandably proud of their work, they seem pretty level-headed and not sold on their own hype at all.

    Who ever this guy is has an ax to grind. Eff him.