Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SnazzyFZ + Bangbang Audio NYC makes for good video

Dan Snazelle, the creator of the Euro implementation of the ArdCore, did a demo for the guys at Bangbang audio. The results are in these videos:

... and ...

For the record, Andrew and I did the 101 Sequencer sketch, as well as a bunch of other sketches shown toward the end of the first video. I'm starting to think that the name "Darwin" must light up NSFW filters or something, 'cuz nobody ever mentions my involvement.

(In case I've not not waved my hand enough about this, I developed the ArdCore platform - as well as the first 30 sketches for the thing - as part of my Master's Degree from DU. Awesome module, if I do say so myself, and available as an MU module from DIY boards available there too!)


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