Wednesday, August 19, 2009

App Store Bloat Monkeys - Part II

Somehow, deep within my secret lair, I had not received word that my favorite App Store Bloat Monkeys (iLike) were bought by MySpace. I am so pleased with this. First of all, it means that they will be dropping turd applications on the Apple App Store by the millions, giving each user of MySpace a chance to irritate Apple into putting forward a more diabolical App Approval process.

But most of all, it teams up two very strong players in the Horribly Eye-Piercing User Interface business. iLike seems to go out of its way to create crap that offends the senses, but they are rank amateurs compared to the MySpace crew; these folks seem to be able to make a graphic UI that only blind people could love. MySpace pages don't really load up on my Mac (I think that the MacBook is attempting to be thoughtful in doing this), so I have to use the Windows box whenever I have to check out some nobody band that dropped me an email.

Designed by aliens to be used by the tasteless.

Ah well, enough of that. Back to coding...


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