Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucky Man

Well, I'm back from a horrible trip to Wisconsin (more on that in an upcoming blog), and trying to get some things done before school and work collide into one great big autumn mess. Work for the coming year looks interesting, and will involve a lot of "learning new things" - one of my favorite aspects of working for Cycling '74. Hopefully I'll be getting my Master's degree next spring, but my thesis idea fell through the floor based on reading Joel Chadabe's book - alas, I'll have to find something new...

But I took some time yesterday to lay down a live-to-disk version of The Means Of Production, all spurred by Gregory Taylor's request to play it on his RTQE radio show. I was blown away by his request (the show is one of the best ways to find out about new music), and quickly did a in-home performance that I recorded, did a top-and-tails edit, then shipped off. It's playing tonight, but you should be able to catch his WORT-FM archive for the next week or two.

Getting the opportunity to be on his show, coming back to my mountain house, playing some music and looking forward to a busy but interesting fall reminds me of how lucky I really am...


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  1. Glad you're back and to get this report! Will listen to the track. Look forward to upcoming opps this fall! What's up with Chadabe's book? Will have to look into it. My best read of the summer was "How To Wreck A Nice Beach" (Dave Tompkins' history of the vocoder from WWII to hip-hop. Fantastic and wins my best sustained humor without descending into ridicule award.