Saturday, September 18, 2010

Conceptual Split

Well, the time has come to get a little serious about all of this, and to start paying attention to the stuff I put online - and the places that I put it. In a recent class, the student (of which I am one) got read the riot act about how much information we are putting online, and how useful it is for people that are either a) trying to track what we are into, or b) trying to find out how relevant our work is to anything else.

Hence, I am now splitting my posting activities between three blogs:

my ArtBlog, which will contain a running commentary on what I'm working on.
my DevBlog, which will show hardware and software developments I'm dealing with.
this blog, which is sort of my personal take on everything else (and some of the above).

Why bother doing this? It's so that I have places to point people where they might find things that interest them. Some people will want to see my Process w/r/t art; thus, the ArtBlog. Some will want to know what I'm up to with Cycling '74 or my own creations; that's the DevBlog's point. Finally, some people just want to keep in touch or hear me rant; that's this blog's new reason for existance.

Since I'm compelled to be Super Blogging Boy, you will hopefully see more action in all these locations. Enjoy!


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