Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 Modular Situation

Here is a photo of the state of my modular art as of today. I used the great (and easy) construction details on the site to build these boxes, so now I have some wiggle room in getting more! Modular synthesizers: crack for the well-employed.

You can also see (on the rack) my Mackie Control, MOTU interface (used for both audio and Volta integration) and the last remnant of my interaction with Wiard - the original joystick controller with the Bakelite meter.

On the right is the little iPad/iRig system that I use for fun recording. It uses the Amplitube for iPad system, which includes a simple R-to-R recording emulator. Working with it seems an awful lot like my days with the Tascam 80-8.

Lots of growth in the last year. Loving it!


p.s.: Tomorrow evening is All Analog on Gregory Taylor's RTQE show. Apparently, the "Means of Production" recording will be featured - huge win!

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