Sunday, January 30, 2011

A walk through NAMM

One of the things that is hard to get across to people that haven't attended a NAMM show is the strangeness of the noises that come at you from every direction. I decided to use a little recorder in my iPhone to record walk-throughs of the show.

The first:

GtrsToModules-NAMM2011 by DarwinGrosse

This is starting in the Chauvet booth (midway through the guitar section), walking through the remainder of halls B and C, going down the escalator into Hall E, then walking back to the Analogue Haven booth at the back of the hall. It features the beginning of a conversation I had with Paul Schrieber of MOTM - a really great guy that I don't get to see often enough.

The second:

ModulesToOutside-NAMM2011 by DarwinGrosse

This is my return from Hall E, starting at the AH booth, heading up the escalator, then walking through halls C, B and A before leaving through the doors into the outdoor area (lovingly called the "smoking pit").

It's just like you are there, only with one ear plugged and occasionally rubbing your ear against the leg of my pants...


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