Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Christmas Miracle!

Or fail, as the case may be.

Trying to get some sort of interesting science-y gift for my 6 year-old, we tripped upon the Smithsonian's "Prehistoric Sea Monsters" kit. Folks my age will remember the great ol' Sea Monkeys kits of the ancient past; this is the updated version, complete with the Smithsonian Seal of Approval.

What a P.O.S. 2 weeks after Christmas and the failure is complete. Never a single triops was hatched, the cool background image faded and peeled off, it now looks like something that belongs on the Island of Misfit Toys.

If I would have done research ahead of time, I would have found people like this:

The Kar-azy Katholic that Prefers Sea Monkeys

I'm not sure I would have completely paid attention, since the idea of a prehistoric monster for a 1st Grader is pretty compelling - but maybe I wouldn't have been surprised by the result: about $0.10 of plastic with some pond scum floating at the top.

Merrrrrry Christmus!


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  1. We did the 'Sea Monkeys' years ago several times and they were great. They really do well if you use a small aquarium with a bubbler and temp-controlled heater. We used one of those (which turn up a lot at thrift stores btw) and found a fresnel lens magnifier we stuck on the side of the tank. Hours of fun. You reminding me of it makes me want to do it again for myself, even though my kids are out of college.