Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun With Modular (Filter Excursion #1)

FilterExcursion #1 by DarwinGrosse

Here's a little track I made with the modular this afternoon - there was some curiosity about how "phat" the dotcom Q-150 Transistor Ladder Filter is; I'm thinking it is about phat enough for me. This is a pretty simple patch; more information about the track is available on my SoundCloud page for the track.

Things I like: The Boss RE-20 effects, the built-in control mixer on the filter, the snappiness of the envelopes, the downright killer sound of the filter.

Things I don't like: I'm not finding a slew limiter setting above 1 that is musically useful at all, the output of this modular is HOT, HOT, HOT.

Overall fun, though. Recorded in Logic, MP3'd with Peak, not much technology though. And, before you comment, I know that the same lick gets boring after 7+ minutes. So sue me - this is a filter demo, not the gushing of my soul to the masses...


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