Monday, May 31, 2010

The second cab is in...!

Earlier this week I got my second modular cabinet and loaded it up. Everything is "for real use" mods except for the banana jack interface in the left cabinet. I split my setup into two halves: the left half, with the sequencer, is for sequencing play. It has a two-oscillator synth voice with a state variable filter. The right half is my "playing out" case, with another two-oscillator synth voice and a bunch of modulation sources. Most of this is dotcom ( modules, although I have the Moon Modular 565/565e quantizer and a Megaohm dual LFO.

You'll also notice in the rack that I've got some critical pieces: my beloved Wiard joystick controller (with the ultra-helpful voltage meter), a MOTU 828 mkIII (which gives me unparalleled interface between computer and synth), a 1/4" patchbay and a power strip. All stuff to make my life easier.

Much, much fun.


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