Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obsession and Respect

My children have introduced me to Internet Crack in the cloak of a game: Bloons Tower Defense. I've cranked away at it until I got the gold in all three free levels, and was feeling pretty good. But it just didn't get me the household respect I needed. So, when my new iPad came in on Friday, I immediately downloaded Bloons TD (the iPad version, name changed to protect the innocent or something) and got to work.

Now, the next paragraph is going to sound pretty stupid to most adults, but if you have a kid in elementary school, feed them this statement and see if they aren't blown away:

"Today, I got to level 107 on the hard level of one of the paid Bloons levels. I lost 41 lives in level 37 - the first M.O.A.B. level - but didn't lose another one until the end. I was able to get to level 107 by getting rid of everything and buying tons of Super Monkeys. In the end, my level had 60 Super Monkeys upgraded to Plasma Vision and Epic Range. I didn't get defeated until the game sent over 100 M.O.A.B.'s in a row, which overloaded everything and caused the loss. But by the end, I had kids from around the neighborhood all huddled around my machine as we wiped out level after level of attackers."

OK - back to work now. Thanks for listening!


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