Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Only Place We Had To Stop

Just back from my annual family vacation - this one with a twist. Went to see Aunt Karen, took the boys fishing and sliding down the old gravel pit hills. Went to see Josh (brother-in-law) and Kate (spouse of same), and had a great time hanging out in a park and watching a band in one of the most beautiful bandshells ever (Harriet Lake in Minneapolis).

But there was only one place that the entire family felt like we had to stop at: Delight Donuts in Lexington Nebraska. My kids believe in the power of the donut, and have declared Delight Donut to be the best donut shop in the nation. These folks have no significant internet presence, and is the most odd of possible shops: A traditional donut shop located in an old Mexican restaurant, run by a wonderful Asian couple. Donuts to die for, and worth staying in Lexington just to wake up to this treat.

A little side-step from my normal posts, but I did want to mention the highlight of the trip!


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